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Rose City Fox Terrier Rescue’s primary goal is to find appropriate, safe, and permanent homes for homeless Wire Haired and Smooth Fox Terriers.   Most of the Fox Terriers we have in rescue are between the ages of 4-8.  If you are looking for a younger dog, we ask you to consider the advantages of an adult dog.  An adult Fox Terrier that is past the overly enthusiastic, chew-everything puppy stage may be easier for you and your family to live with.  The dog’s looks, personality, and size are all known, and an adult Fox Terrier may be wholly or partly trained.  All Fox Terriers available for adoption through our rescue have been spayed or neutered.  We almost never have puppies available for adoption.


The Adoption Process


  1. The first step in the adoption process is to download and fill out our Adoption Application.  If you prefer, call us at 503-777-0537 to set up a telephone interview.
  2. If we have a Fox Terrier available that we consider appropriate for your experience, life style and expectations, we'll arrange a home visit. We will bring the dog to your home so that we may meet. We will also check for any safety issues in and around the home. This will give you the opportunity to meet and interact with the rescued Fox Terrier. These home visits usually last from 1 to 1 ½ hours. If there is another companion animal in your home, we will want to see how the rescued Fox Terrier interacts with your pet and vice verse.
  3. After the home visit, we will leave with the rescued Fox Terrier.  We will get back in contact with you in 24 to 48 hours.  During this waiting period, you have time to seriously consider if you want to go forward with adopting this particular dog.  The waiting period also gives the rescue representative time to think about what he or she has observed. During this waiting period, you and the rescue representative may consider whether a longer visit or trial stay might be appropriate. If everyone agrees the rescued Fox Terrier should stay for a longer visit of more than a few hours, we will ask that you sign a Foster Care Agreement with our rescue. For longer visits, we will provide food and snacks for the Fox Terrier.
  4. If, after a period of time, all is going well and you wish to adopt the rescued Fox Terrier, you will sign an Adoption Agreement.  Our suggested adoption donation amounts vary depending on the Fox Terrier but the average range is $200-250.


    After the adoption, Rose City Fox Terrier Rescue is always available to offer advice and counseling concerning training, behavior, and health.  Part of our Adoption Agreement is that you are required to return the dog to us if at any time you can not take care of it or things don't work out long term.

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