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About Rose City Fox Terrier Rescue


From left to right we are Alan Smith, Nancy Smith, Dian Chute and two of our Fox Terriers.

Rose City Fox Terrier Rescue is made up of Fox Terrier owners and enthusiasts who are drawn to rescue because we want to help misunderstood, abandoned, and abused Fox Terriers.

We have two primary missions:

1. Rescuing purebred Wire Haired and Smooth Fox Terriers that are homeless or soon-to-be-homeless, including, those in animal shelters or similar facilities and those released by their owners. ”Rescuing” includes the following activities for Fox Terriers in need:

  • picking up and transporting
  • spaying/neutering, and other necessary veterinary care
  • rehabilitating and training
  • fostering
  • seeking applications for and screening potential adoptive homes
  • facilitating adoptions to appropriate “forever” homes
  • support and training for new adoptive owners

2. Educating the public about responsible Fox Terrier care and ownership

The People of Rose City Fox Terrier Rescue, Inc.

About Dian Chute

Dian Chute chose to share her life with her first Fox Terrier, Priscilla, because she was looking for a canine companion that had the energy and intensity to keep up with her. A Fox Terrier was a perfect match. Dian came to so love the breed that she reached out to online Fox Terrier discussion groups to share and learn more. Online she discovered that many Fox Terriers were given up, abandoned, and abused. Dian then wrote these words, which forever changed her life: “If you ever need any help with Fox Terrier rescue in Oregon, . . . .” Dian was contacted the very next week. Before long, Dian was the Rescue Coordinator for Mt. Hood Fox Terrier Fanciers Rescue. A year or so later, Dian met Alan and Nancy Smith at a Tellington Ttouch(R) training seminar. Alan and Nancy immediately volunteered to lend a hand.

About Alan Smith and Nancy Smith

Alan started his love for the Wire Fox Terrier many decades ago while watching a dog named "Scruffy" on the TV show The Ghost and Mr.'s Muir (68-70). Many years later, after marrying Nancy, they were able to fulfill that childhood dream. One dog at a time, in the next twenty years, they came to live with and love two Wire Fox Terriers. After the passing of his second Wire Fox Terrier, Alan and Nancy went out to the local shelter looking for a Wire Fox Terrier. They found a Jack Russell who needed lots of work to make him a good family member. That Jack Russell led them down new paths and opened doors that eventually lead them to the Ttouch(R) seminar where they met Dian Chute. In the next few years, Alan took more Ttouch(R) training, and both Alan and Nancy studied dog behavior and communication, first aid and CPR for dogs, obedience training and other training techniques. They did eventually get a Wire Fox from rescue, Madeline. Next was Katie, a Smooth Fox Terrier they took on as a "special project" for rescue and later adopted.

In 2003, they stepped in to run Mt. Hood Fox Terrier Fanciers Rescue when Dian Chute stepped down. In 2008, Alan, Nancy, and Dian decided to become an independent not-for-profit rescue, Rose City Fox Terrier Rescue. They successfully applied to be an Oregon Not-for-Profit Corporation.

Alan and Nancy continue to help others with their dogs through rescue and counseling, to explore new avenues in training, and to learn more about dog behavior, nutrition and care. Dian continues to volunteer for Rose City Fox Terrier Rescue.

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